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Black Honey from Honduras

I owe this one to my friend Massimiliano Marchesi, a guy who knows a great deal about coffees (btw, he also owns a gergeous farm holiday - Poggio dei 4 Borghi - in Monterubbiano, Marche). Last summer, while I was making a short list of coffee samples to kick off with The Smoking Tiger, he said: "let me bring you a couple of samples from Honduras, you won't believe how good they are"

And so he dropped by my house on a fair September day. With my trusted professional IKAWA home coffee roaster and his equally trusted Simonelli grinder, we started cupping five samples, all from Honduras.

It wasn't easy to pick one, as all of them tasted great. So I followed my natural preference for over-the-topness and I picked the coffee that is now available on our store: Finca Caja de Aguas, a microlot Black Honey. I won't go on about the coffee profile here, as you can find all the key information in the product page. Let me just tell you what I meant with "over-the-top": picture a rare, refined and fragrant white truffle. Now, shave some of it on a couple of sunny-side up eggs. Then add some more, and more. That's what this coffee is all about: delicious, rare, rich, and complex.

Give it a try! As always, I look forward to your feedbacks.

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