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Guatemala - San José Ocaña Rain Forest Geisha Washed

San José Ocaña

Guatemala - San José Ocaña Rain Forest Geisha Washed

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In the cup

Even its acidity is sweet in this coffee, and I'll tell you why: this coffee is particularly rich in malic acid (or apple acid, as it happens), which has a hint of very unripe green apple. However, thanks to the skill with which the fermentation of the crop is carried out (it is a Washed coffee), is one of the rare coffees where you get the malolactic fermentation accomplished: malic acid turns into lactic acid, and the sour sourness of the immature apple gives way to a round and creamy sensation. But sweet is also the chocolate that appears at the first sip, to make room for the raisins, and then even further on, in the finish, accompanied by a fresh fruity note of pineapple and lime, which remain to keep us company for a long time, with the cup now empty.


The Producer

We are in the Huila department, the mountainous region of southwestern Colombia, a coffee lover's paradise.

Here Elkin Guzman, in his Finca El Mirador in Pitalito, he applies to what best derives from a tradition of cafeteros for four generations, the one he has studied and experimented with driven by a mad desire to innovate: cultivation in the shade, large temperature variations between day and night, study of cultivars, experiments among the most diverse drying methods ... Elkin is undoubtedly one of the most prepared and innovative growers and processors of an excellent raw material.

The processing

This micro-lot is obtained from a balanced blend of three of the cultivars that define the identity of the Colombian coffee: Castillo, Caturra and (precisely) Colombia. To the classic roundness of the traditional Caturra, the more innovative Castillo and Colombia bring that fruity acidity that too many Colombian coffees still lack today. An extraordinarily used acidity governed by Elkin Guzman in this micro-lot subjected to processing Washed, in order to force the most difficult fermentation, the malolactic one which when successful, as in this case, gives the coffee a unique buttery roundness.

It is therefore a coffee fully washed, washed: mechanically removed the pulp of the cherries (it is called cascara) on the same day they are harvested and delivered, the bone is fermented dry for 12 hours. In the following 12 hours the fermentation continues in the water in which the coffee beans are immersed, to be then started like a green river through the washing channels, where they remain to soak for another 12 hours. At this point the coffee, purified of any residual pulp and mucilage, is left to dry on suspended mesh beds for 14-20 days.


The coffees washed, washed, require particular attention in roasting: clean and free of any residual pulp, they reach the so-called first crack, the moment when the internal cell membranes of the bean begin to break down, long before the coffees natural: a short roast, more decisive, if not aggressive in the first phase, and very delicate in the finish, is the one we have chosen for this coffee, taking care not to cancel the precious but delicate fruity aromas of which it is rich with too high temperatures.

What if I didn't like it?

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