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Honduras (Ocotepeque) - Cascaritas Parainema Washed Farm

Finca Cascaritas

Honduras (Ocotepeque) - Cascaritas Parainema Washed Farm
Honduras (Ocotepeque) - Cascaritas Parainema Washed Farm
Honduras (Ocotepeque) - Cascaritas Parainema Washed Farm
Load image into Gallery viewer, Honduras (Ocotepeque) - Cascaritas Parainema Washed Farm
Load image into Gallery viewer, Honduras (Ocotepeque) - Cascaritas Parainema Washed Farm
Load image into Gallery viewer, Honduras (Ocotepeque) - Cascaritas Parainema Washed Farm

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In the cup

The hints of herba buena peculiar to the cultivar Parainema in purity host wildflowers, apple, orange, apricot and milk chocolate. Gently vigorous for waking up in the morning, light companion for longer nights.


This micro-lot is also a rarity: a single cultivar Parainemavarietal that finds its maximum expression in the territories of the extreme west of Honduras.


Its characteristic note is a delicate hint of medicinal herbs which forms the background to the floral and fruity variations of orange, apple, apricot.

The Producer

Finca Cascaritas, (The shells are the residues of the coffee cherry pulp that is separated from the beans) is located in Mercedes, in the Ocotepeque department, the westernmost of Honduras, on the border with El Salvador, the heart of the region of Copan, which to simplify is to coffee what Bordeaux is to wine: a small plot of 3 and a half hectares that Hidardo Hernandèz cultivates with his parents and markets through the cooperative of which he is the tireless leader, Cafesmo, aimed at enhancing studies and research on the peculiarities of Honduran coffee. 


The processing

The freshly harvested grains, discarding those that are too unripe or defective, are immediately stripped by separating them from the pulp. The residual mucilages are decomposed through a phase of fermentation in water which lasts from 12 to 24 hours. Once the mucilage has been completely removed, the coffee can be dried in the sun on hanging nets (african bed). It can take from five to ten days to reach the desired level of humidity, always depending on the weather conditions

The roasting

For this precious washed we chose a very decisive roasting profile in the first phase, that of drying, the one in which most of the water that the green bean contains evaporates, to then progressively slow down the roasting times and thus allow the development of the whole wide range of precursors of the aromas of which it is rich.

The Smoking Tiger Roasting Style

Our coffees are never very dark: we like decisive but short, delicate roasts that do not mask anything, not even any coffee defects, but which on the other hand are able to bring out the specific characteristics of each territory, each cultivar, of each processing method, in a word: to enhance the differences to the maximum. 
We do not believe in the need to differentiate roasting according to the extraction method (lighter for drip coffee, darker for espresso, as they usually say). We believe that the right roast for each coffee is the one that best expresses its characteristics, regardless of how it will be extracted. Is called omni-roasting.

What if I didn't like it?

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