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The Smoking Tiger

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Beautiful and elegant in its sandblasted black finish, entirely made in Italy, The Smoking Tiger coffee maker differs from all the others on the market mainly for the quality of its filter, produced by E&B Lab, designed to enhance coffee extraction with the Moka pot.

Indeed, this filter is equipped with many smaller holes (0.2 mm diameter) which, alongside the traditional (diameter of 0.8 mm), allow a perfect extraction by reducing the water pressure, which could damage the panel of ground coffee in the filter.

Thanks to this filter, which also retains significantly more fine coffee particles, you get a cleaner drink, reducing bitterness and increasing the sweetness and balance of the cup of coffee.

Available in three measures: 1 cup, 3 cups, 6 cups

Power supply: available both in stove version gas That induction.

Set aside some national pride and watch the following video to learn how to make mocha coffee properly!

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